a year past

This man's eye sockets protrude
their ridged roundness showing everyone the view held
by all chimpanzees
barking laughing
from high jungle branches.
He shuffles with red ribbon scarf against winter's teeth
and the hooded youths mock,
aping movements as they part on the pavement.

This man places four clocks even
along a shelf he made himself
from iron and wood
salvaged from the scrapheap
where he patted a friendly dog
and spoke jovially with the owner
of simpler times.

Each clock was different,
times carefully set to mark
those hours and minutes in the cities
where his lost loves had breathed their last.



  1. Nice little seen scenes, their summations.

    There was a grandfather clock on "antique roadshow" last evening, it had London, New York, Calcutta, Paris(?) times, plus "train time" .

  2. Scenes - the first actual, the 2nd imagined.

    what a marvellous clock.
    How did it know so much.