"GATE"(2?.) (accompaniment to 1?.)

 "All the nonsense in the 0               or all
world greater the gummy branches
than all the nonsense" 2 the body done
the world in
milked added on
him or his a thing
bed his body
place 7 peripheries


  1. I had done the first one last night, so this counts as currently one per day - 1/1

  2. doing well - 1 per day.
    you could use the numbers as coded links
    in each - representative etc. a number = word.
    No. Actually. Don't do that.
    I just thought of it then - words like safe
    combinations. But now I don't like my idea.
    Your comment here just changed - perhaps you are
    commenting right now. As I do.

  3. no.
    I was reading the comment from the first one
    then the comment from the second.
    my mistake.

    I like the question marks.

  4. All sorts of things could be done with those numbers.
    - ideally, I would have, say, 49 spaces available for each line, and the numbers would always line up with the others in the series if they were on top of each other. But that is too fiddlesome on here.
    - sorry

    - "words like safe combinations" I like this

  5. definitely something in the connections of the two.


    many possibilities therein.