"GATE"(7?.) (reiterate)

 shut in the brain and step  0   here was heaven at the first
out,stop,down step - We thought about it
it ends in rooms,I . and there was a car journey -
put rooms here We ended that wondering is
only running out by my that anyway to go and thought
own design,enclosures . a heaven would answer "Love"
here,hear "bark" things or a means, - means of "going
hungry to clean up . or any way,where on"


  1. 2 days late finishing, but am reasonably happy anyway.
    - already a new series continuing from GATE seems possible
    - Later, a summary of things I have learnt or think I have during this week & 2 day process

  2. excellent, really like this one.

    the whole project was good - definitely worth examining / developing and such.

    Let me know how the summary goes.

  3. things I may have learnt one
    -narrative: has a way of sneaking in, partly it is the brain filling gaps for itself, and in the process of the series it feeds on the prior which is then shown in the next poem(s). Probably, you should limit "looking back" during the process.
    -and a partial solution: admit narrative, like in (7), but in the middle or whenever the idea of the narrative arises. Admit it, and it may stay there a while, rather than feed or be fed on.
    end of things I have learnt one

  4. some other things I was learnt good
    - failing as part of the process is useful and can be enjoyed (and learnt from)
    - in terms of the process I recommend a defined structure of some sort
    - the defined structure can be broken as part of the process, but we must wonder -why?
    - in terms of a "successful poem", I no longer care as such
    perhaps end of things learnt