existence in a thin band of dark and light

The view from this side is better. A rarefied air talking of memories that belong to no one. One car drove the lane up to the border and everyone got out. A boy and girl child stood tip-toed to see over the wooden fence into the stained glass fields iridescent in perpetual sun. Here it existed with absent father mother in a band of monochrome; the lives of other people so fascinating.

Like high up from a plane the intricacies of countryside.
Ancient people laid down dazzling tessellation for the future to postcard.

Colours swam in and around objects too numerous to list. Focus on one and it disappeared into another. Hopes and achievements skipped gaily through the spectral meadows but were tripped so callously by fears and tainted thought.
The boygirl perched precarious on a stile,
 transfixed by all that unravelled.
Father mother sat disinterested on the border of dark and light in order to play cards. Here the lane was bisected, two equal halves stretched out all around and meeting once again.

Now the boygirl suffered much anxiety as great grey monoliths came crashing onto the field patterns. An imposing court of carved opportunities (missed and taken) spread out in a circle.
 Infinity lay silent. Eternity watched through a mirror. 

The boygirl felt the eyes of all the quarrelling heads and some innate urge pulled from within. Here with trepidation steps on the delicate ground; a walk to the centre.
  Prepared perhaps for judgement. 



  1. it seems cut off at the right. But I like this .

    should I ?

    it is like it is half-heard

  2. when you do the 'pre' thing with longer lines of text, it stretches them way off the page............................so when you publish it, it comes out odd. Not necessarily a good thing all the time, but when I published this, I felt it went with the themes/mood of the piece. It 'worked' for this one, shall we say.
    Just a little thing I wrote a while ago. I drew the childish picture too. It was the title, but I added the 'existence..' as that was were the whole thing stemmed from as a note in my notebook.

  3. some of this can be see on some computers as a disjointed screaming madness. Fragmentation all up along the forearms. Some stretch it out to oblivion, like the infinity separation mentioned. You may not have it all. It works on a mac. This is what I know. It is not terribly important. In fact, I am happy about this. It goes with theme.

  4. I have edited. Played with tags. Some breaks were necessary.
    Now it can be read and enjoyed by th whole family of machines.