Unknown Quote 1.

" . . . a never ending postwar.
I, who had thought of ruins
only as the transmutation of
cityscapes, learned that ruins
lie within people as well . . . "


  1. I wonder who wrote this ?

    gary glitter ?

  2. excellent work general...marvellous. I did not know you were such a technical wizard...all these html codes, there's a programmer inside you dying to get out and create insane Japanes video games I know it - I have changed my poem too - the Greek one - all is good. Well done, I like the quote - let it all grow!

    -(lick the rain drops for sustenance)-

  3. Ah good. I was worried the email wouldnt show the html stuff properly, hence the emails I sent just now.

    I will examine your revitalised poem now

  4. Still don't know who wrote this. Like it more now. Feel I have been upgraded somehow.