[ 1. ]

   funny furnishings         0           exposure
he would see 1 to all in the mind
heaven 2
as funny 3 makes way
dreamy furniture 4 to all
wavey lines 5
moved it around 6 and all
a bit 7 or

[ 2.] (accompaniment to 1.?)
  All the nonsense in the    0               or all
world greater the gummy branches
than all the nonsense 2 the body done
the world in
milked added on
him or his a thing
bed his body
place 7 peripheries

[ 3.] (solo)
     a mass                  0         a path
of fuzzy problems bodily
twin lip two
tautly they
#.(one added on

[ 4.]
      heaven by high                    infinite
road dusty elements
the magic about the head
car of the driver
in the elements 4
the magic car 5 by hook
how far ? 6 or crook the
- the distance 7 long drive

[ 5.]
    lock in a system                the bed as it
all loved things appears in a dream
expansive, joined on
place the bed as it all sides
appears in by a bed
commotion under 5 impinges on
fed on loves

[ 6.] (all at once)
away from a hallowed gate,    0       light, that
away again bigger funny thing?
away from the gate or fun
shocked to pieces - 3 to the end
light passes on the lightened up
real world a mist, beauty
tulip, mildew, and 6 of a day after mist
all light passing through the ending

[ 7.] (reiterate)
 shut in the brain and step   0   here was heaven at the first
out, stop, down step - We thought about it
it ends in rooms,I . and there was a car journey -
put rooms here We ended that wondering is
only running out by my that anyway to go and thought
own design, enclosures . a heaven would answer "Love"
here,hear "bark" things or a means, - means of "going
hungry to clean up . or any way,where on"

M Pendleton

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