casual causal overview

September 2004 --had some jihadists on the cover.Only 40 or so were made, and spread about Liverpool in places forgotten and maybe bulldozed.

November 2004 -- an erased buddha for the cover.A series of Saint Poems started here.

June 2005 -- a schoolgirl in negative with geometeries for the cover.

November 2005 -- a face with thingies for the cover. At this point some poets outside the founding group were contacted, and gifted some poems.

February 2006 -- a grandmother's painting for the cover.Done in a rush for the first live event, took place in a lovely church that allowed the brisk sale of alcohols.#5's content showed an expansion in the poets featured, and the poems themselves showed similar movements into new territories.

an interesting absent issue, due to as-yet unexplained anomalies regarding arts council funding.

May 2007 -- a mussed up of prior things for the cover. This issue also commemorated a live event at the same lovely church.Also, a last meeting up for many of the founding poets.

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